People with disabilities

Mobility throughout the park
The park is quite hilly and not all roads are very accessible, we therefor strongly recommend to come with assistance. Many shows are presented on grass which means that it is not alsways very easy to access for people who are less mobile.

If you have a blue parking card for disabled people, you can park for free at our artist parking (Athenée Andrée Thomas, Avenue Marie-Henriette, 1190 Forest). 

We have an adapted toilet for people in a wheel chair at the center of the fetsival (yellow zone) and close to the podium (blue zone).

AssistanceIf you need assistance, please address yourself to the volunteers at the info points, marked with an "i" on the map. You can also ask the zone coordinator for help, he has an orange fluo mark and has a walkie talkie.

Specific questions ?
Koen Spolspoel :