Mediation and participation strategie

With Park Poétik, we want to radically change the way we mediate the public! We no longer ask the public to come to us, but we go to the public where they are... in the streets, in the squares, in the neighbourhoods, ready to explore and develop the value of the encounter to the maximum! 

For this we want to radically change our working methods towards more and more participatory processes. We are setting up a network of Dreamcatcheurs who together dream and create Park Poétik. This network is made up of artists, associations, volunteers, residents and cultural structures from both municipalities. These actors are organised into work cells according to the projects they want to create. The role of Park Poétik is to coordinate this network in order to facilitate the realisation of the dreams and wishes of the inhabitants. Together with the multitude of partners, we want to rediscover the paths of possibility and coordinate them; we want to act as a facilitator and let organisations, artists and residents participate.

Call to action!

Park Poétik tries to emphasize the participative processes and to be mainly a mediator between the dreams and the wishes of the residents. Together with our numerous partners, we want to rediscover and coordinate the paths of possibilities; to act as mediators and let organisations, artists and residents participate in the creation of a common project. 

We encourage everyone with a heart for Saint-Gilles and Forest to participate and make their voices heard! By dreaming together and joining forces, we will colour the streets and squares a little differently every week, so that we can continue to amaze each other and visitors to our boroughs.

What is your dream and what does your Brussels utopia look like? What did you miss most during corona (and before) and what did you learn during this slow period? Do you already know your neighbours?  Are you a crazy person but you have no place to go? 

Take a look at our project calls and call for participation or maybe you would like to volunteer? Give us a call and we will dream on together!

Metamorphosis SuperVliegSuperMouche


The SuperVliegSuperMouche festival reinvented itself in 2020 because of Covid-19... 

Since 2013, the park of Forest has transformed every year during one weekend into a playful and poetic festival for thousands of visitors from young to old. This was the result of a collaboration between 30 associations from Saint-Gilles and Forest, 250 volunteers and 200 artists on the ground. 

Due to the covid-19 crisis, the 2020 festival was cancelled. But that did not mean that nothing was organised! The team found in this situation the potential to reconsider our manifest and objective. For us, the event has never been the most important, but the connections it creates, the humanity it generates, the encounters it makes possible, and so on. So, more than ever, we want to revive conviviality and the sharing of unique experiences while keeping our "social distances"! 

From this idea, Park Poétik was born in the spring of 2020 during the first lockdown and we surprised the residents of Sint-Gillis and Vorst with colourful and playful acts and activities all summer long. Park Poetik is brought to life by various artists and theatre makers who would normally also take part in SuperVliegSuperMouche but also leaves room for local residents and creatives to share their project or idea. Surprise and encounter are central and our dream is to hand over public spaces to city makers and local residents more than ever!