During the Park Poétik summer of 2021, art collective KNEPH created a living installation in Forest Park. Platform Poétik 2.0/Gryoo worked around five different trees. Like a fungus, the installation expanded into a poetic forest and depicted contemporary issues in an artistic way. We arrived at the last tree: the old chestnut. Read more

KNEPH chooses another tree in the Park of Forest. This week: Rainbow Warriors Read more

Promenade - Workshops - CONCEPT - Platform

Bûûm-planters (platform meeting) : 15.08

Tree planting campaign & promenade Read more

Film - Workshops - Platform

Brutopia - performance & cinema - KNEPH: 13.08

KNEPH chooses another tree in the Park of Forest. This week: BRUTOPIA Read more

Wildpickingpromenade in the Parc de Forest with Brigitte Grandjean Read more

KNEPH chooses a different tree and a theme in the Park of Forest. This week: Drôles d'oiseaux Read more

Conference-encounter with Steven Vromman, author of "Amor Mundi", a dream for the future. Read more

Performance - Film - Workshops - Platform

Slow city - performance & cinema - KNEPH: 30.07

For 5 weeks, a participatory art installation in the form of a poetry forest // fungus web will grow in the Park of Forest. Read more

Music - Performance - ENG - Workshops - Language - NL - FR - Platform

Offrande à een oude chêne - Sara Dykmans & KNEPH: 29.07 & 30.07

Wickerwork with willow + song 30/07 20.30 Read more