PEPS ! - Rebeca FL & Antoine Dutrieu: 1.07 - 31.08

Promenade - wordless

Artistic installation on Boulevard Guillaume Van Haelen. 

PEPS! is an artistic installation that, with a touch of extravagance and a visual carnival, highlights a busy thoroughfare in Forest. Composed of a series of colourful and organic crocheted and wooden sculptures, PEPS! was created as a reaction to the past difficult year, during which all performances that offered the opportunity to be transported into another reality were cancelled. The installation is a kind of immobile pop-up festival - a transmutation of the live performance into a plastic one. The unexpected crochet works transcend the strict wooden frames symbolising confinement and are about to invade public space and minds. The installation will (re)awaken the hearts of passers-by and invite them to consider the public space as a place of play and creativity. Let's PEPS !


01.07-31.08 Avenue Van Haelen continuing