Amor Mundi by Steven Vroman- (platform meeting) : 01.08

NL/FR - Platform

Conference-encounter with Steven Vromman, author of "Amor Mundi", a dream for the future.

Amor Mundi, a dream for the future.
A meeting with author Steven Vromman.
What will the future bring? Unbridled technological progress? Devastating climate disasters? A utopia, a dystopia? No one knows. Numerous scenarios are possible.

This lecture is part of PLATFORM PUBLIC 2.0 GRYOO. The project initiates an artistic dialogue on five contemporary themes.
In collaboration with Masereel Fund Brussels, KNEPH organizes interactive bilingual lectures focusing on a climate justice world.

With the support of VGC#StaycationBXL

More info : KNEPH & Masereel Fonds

Sunday 1.08 14h - 16h: Parc de Forest, entrance at 116 avenue Maria-Hendrica, road to the small hill of chestnut trees

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