Nonsense Labyrinth - SpeakEasy, Spoken word BXL & In Her Skin community 15.08

Performance - Theatre - Promenade

Music and word walk

Let yourself be transported during a promenade filled with sur-phrases, word-wonders and a poetic paper trail!

Nonsense Labyrinth is not just a walk through the park, it is an afternoon of poetry, music and installations. Explore Park Duden via a parcours during which could have a poem, a song or a performance behind any corner. Will you make sense of it all or is it just a bunch of …… nonsense!

After more than a year of physical distance and screens, Park Poetik goes out into nature. We rediscover the forest, the plants, the greenery, and there we also find poetry. This poetic walk is a celebration of this rediscovery, and also a confirmation of it.

> Artists: SpeakEasy; Spoken Word BXL & In Her Skin community (partner)

> Date: Sunday 15/8 Parc Dudenpark 14:00 - 16:30

> Location: Duden Park

> Free to explore and walk around