Wildickers - Brigitte Grandjean (platform meeting) : 08.08

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Wildpickingpromenade in the Parc de Forest with Brigitte Grandjean

Wild picking was a necessity before the agricultural revolution, because nowadays we buy vegetables in shops around the corner or harvest them in our vegetable garden. By picking wild plants, you automatically eat with the seasons and from the cold ground. Going along with an experienced wild picker is a pleasant way to learn more about edible plants in parks, public gardens, canals and ditches. This makes picking wild plants immediately attractive for the yearning city dweller.
You will discover that there are rules and laws that a wild picker must abide by; nature must not be harmed.
And you can enjoy the joys of tasty wild greenery while the burdens pass you by.
Before the agricultural revolution, wild picking was a necessity. Now we buy our vegetables at the corner shop or harvest them from the kitchen garden. Picking wild plants is a great way to get back in touch with the seasons. By going out with an experienced picker, you will discover what edible plants grow spontaneously in cities, in our parks, gardens, canals and ditches. There are rules to follow, you cannot just pick wherever you like, nature must not suffer.
The company of wild plants will certainly give you a pleasant time.

Sunday/dimanche/Sunday 08.08
at 14h00 PLATFORM MEETING Wild pickers / Cueilleurs sauvages

Location: Top of the mountain behind the old Guingette, in Park Van Vorst: "the witches' circle".

Georganiseerd door KNEPH, Masereelfonds & met de steun van VGC#StaycationBXL