Bûûm-planters (platform meeting) : 15.08

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Tree planting campaign & promenade


Bûûmplanters is an open-minded citizens' collective that fights for more greenery and biodiversity in Brussels. Bûûm is the Brussels dialect for tree.
With tree planting campaigns, they want to make the people of Brussels aware of the importance, impact and positive consequences of a rich biodiversity in the city.
Trees purify the air and help us breathe.
Trees attract birds to their nesting sites.
Trees are good for mental and physical health.
And there are many more good reasons to plant a tree.

Sunday 15.08
at 14.00h PLATFORM MEETING Bûûm-planters

Location: The top of the mountain behind the old Guingette, in the Forest park: "the witches' circle". See the last picture for a map of the park.

Georganiseerd door KNEPH, Masereelfonds & met de steun van VGC#StaycationBXL