Atelier Leon - Seppe Baeyens 16.08 - 20.08

Performance - Surprise - wordless

A 5-day participatory dance workshop open to everyone at Square St Denis in Forest.

If you live in the neighborhood, put on your naughty shoes and participate in this intergenerational and inclusive dance workshop. The starting point is the public space, specifically the St Denis square in Forest. A playground will be created on this square with chairs, which you will bring with you. The public can watch and/or participate. These 5 days are supervised by choreographer Seppe Baeyens (Leon vzw). At the end of day 5 there is an open performance accompanied by live music (Stef Heeren, Al Qasy Saif Quasy).

Artists: Seppe Baeyens, Stef Heeren, Al Qasy Saif Quasy

Place : Place St Denis n in Forest

Dates : from 16 to 20 August 2021

Timetable : 11am-4pm + after talk