SKRYF - Gijs Van Bon

Performance - Theatre - Surprise - NL/FR/ENG

The sand writer Skryf drives himself forward,leaving behind a ribbon of sand letters. Skryf refers to transience.A tiny heap of sand creates the magic of the word.

 Man, nature and time make sure that the word evaporates again. Sometimes very quickly, sometimes very slowly. Like sand through the fingers .....

 Skryf writes texts on the ground with sand. Sand flows from a small controlled opening. He lays down the text letter by letter at a slow pace. When he is finished he moves on to the next part of the text and in doing so, Skryf exposes the written word to the elements and passers-by.

Slowly the written text becomes more and more affected by weather, wind and public, and slowly disappears again.

Skryf can thus deposit a long text in a street or on a path. The text can vary from one word to a whole epic, from large to small letters. It can be written outside, which produces a slightly rawer and more rapid text, and inside, where it can remain very tight, subtle and precise for a long time.


14:00-18:00 Parvis De Saint-Gilles