Massagraf : 11.07

Music - Performance - Surprise - ENG - FR

Massagraf est inquiétant.

Massagraf is disturbed. Symbolizing the ubiquity of norms in our lives, this steel monolith calls to be filled, like a funeral or election urn, with the norms that bite you, bubble you, rot you. The urn invites you to share how you want to shape the world.

King Baxter : Saturday 10.07.21 @ 22:00

King Baxter, a digital artist and performer from another planet, a monstrously delicate DragQueer, opens the doors to a new world of possibilities. On stage they are joined by Maxime Pichon aka Pichet Mignon, a veiled sidekick and the co-composer of the album -REVENGE-.

La Mess with La Veuve & BAP : Sunday 11.07.21

Come celebrate at our funeral of unwanted norms. Mistress of ceremonies is 'La Veuve', a wonderfully biting, hairy and sarcastic widow, who will lead the totally out-of-the-ordinary party.

Brussels Art Pole sends its best dancers to join her in her mass, which we appropriately christened 'La Mess'. 

Mess 1: 15:00 - 16:00

Mess 2: 17:30 - 18:30 

Mess 3 and finale: 20:00 - 21:30 

Together we will happily say goodbye to all the standards you no longer want, whatever they may be.

Created by : Toma Luz & Anne Marsaleix

With the support of Park Poétik, Zinnema and Muntpunt 

King Baxter : @dareal.kingbaxter

Brussels Art Pole : @brusselsartpole

La Veuve : @la.veuve

Caravane : @caravanedanse