The Unheard - CREW & K.A.K.: 21.07

Performance - Surprise - ENG - wordless - NL/FR

A live street performance in which five robotic horns travel through the city in search of an audience.

Five energetic robotized horns storm over the market square as elated children. After months of lockdown there’s no stopping them.
They wag their tails as they chase a cyclist and playfully circle around a couple engaged in a hug, or simply gaze at passers-by with an inquisitive or endearing look in their eyes.

Are they showing us their wide-open mouths, hoping we listen to what they have to say? Or are they in fact gigantic ears, eager to absorb our stories? Times of crisis give way to deafening noise. Politicians, experts, citizens with outspoken opinions all want to have their say on the public channels and on social media. Those who scream the loudest have the most listeners. Extreme language results in further polarization of the public debate and the more nuanced or subdued voices are muffled because of all the shouting.

CREW & K.A.K. use the horn robots as megaphones for those unheard voice to speak through. They draw inspiration from the work of Hamja Ashan, “Shy Radicals, the antisystemic politics of the introvert militant”, who sketches the contours of a society that is led by the silent introvert.

Date : 21.07.21

Continuing : 14:00 - 18:00

Where : Square Jacques Franck + Place Betléhem + Sint-Gillis Voorplein

Co-production: CREW en K.A.K.