Park-ing Poétik - Hors les muren: every sunday


Come and discover PARK-ING POÉTIK spread all over Forest and Saint-Gilles!

Come and discover PARK-ING POÉTIK spread over Forest and Saint-Gilles!

Every Sunday between 12.00 and 22.00, follow us on the map:

PARK-ING POÉTIK is a participatory project that takes place every Sunday this summer. On these Sundays, local residents, artists and cultural houses can temporarily take over a parking space in their neighbourhood and transform it into an artistic, green and surprising meeting place.

In this way, you transform a concrete space into a committed, original and
creative place.

In a "poetic" and "playful" way, PARK-ING Poétik participates in the global movement "PARK(ing) DAY", a day of reflection all over the world on urban space, on nature's place in it and on the quality of life in the city.

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