Offrande à een oude chêne - Sara Dykmans & KNEPH: 29.07 & 30.07

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Wickerwork with willow + song 30/07 20.30

Offrande à een oude chêne 
A co-creation workshop with artist Sara Dykmans

Wickerwork with willow + singing (15h: J'acaju) around the oak tree at the bottom of Forest Park.

The oak tree (and the other trees) in the park are suffering because their roots are pressed together in the paved ground. We want to protect the tree with willow branches and give it new strength with our song.

This is the first tree creation in the growing installation PLATFORM POÉTIK 2.0 GRYOO.

When will it take place?
29-30 July 11h-17h : open workshop
15h : singing J'acaju
30 July 20h30 : performance SLOW CITY


Event from KNEPHPark Poétik & Wilde Vlechten vzw