Slow city - performance & cinema - KNEPH: 30.07

Performance - Film - Workshops - Platform

For 5 weeks, a participatory art installation in the form of a poetry forest // fungus web will grow in the Park of Forest.

20h30 Arbre Poétik
Performance by Sara Dykmans (visual artist), J’acaju (polyphonic vocals), Magid el oaurdi (poet / Tifinagh) + cocreation participants
Location: Tree next to Place Rochefort, Parc de Forest.
21h30 Cinema Poétik
Films: ‘ Les racines de l’eau’ / Sarah Lederman and ‘Zazen’ Estefania Huygen
Location: Top of the mountain behind the old Guingette, in Park of Forest: "the circle of witches".

PLATFORM POÉTIK 2.0 GRYOO summer 2021 is part of the arts summer of Park Poétik. GRYOO initiates an artistic dialogue on five contemporary themes between various artists, organisations and the public.

During 5 weeks a participative art installation grows in the form of a poetry forest // fungus web in the Park of Forest.

The Fridays 30 July, 6, 13, 20 Aug and Saturday 28 Aug (final performance) at 20h30 there will be performances on a tree in the Park of Forest by an artist/performer and a poet. Each tree represents a contemporary theme.

Followed by a thematic open air film screening at 21h30 on the kanstan tree hill in the park.

GRYOO Meetings (NL+FR)
In cooperation with Masereelfonds Brussel, KNEPH GRYOO organises interactive bilingual lectures focusing on a climate justice world.

Sundays in August

1: Amor Mundi, Steven Vroman
8: Zen garden, Kobe Matthijs
15: The Buum Planters