Studio Cité - Benjamin Vandewalle: 31.07 & 01.08

Performance - Theatre - Surprise

'Arts carnival strikes down on Saint-Gilles!'

I see I see you what you don’t see and it is… a dancer, a viewer, a curb, a passer-by, or no, it is a dancer. Studio Cité orients, directs, diverts and distorts your view of the world. Step inside a driving mirror cart by yourself, form a dancing circle with your fellow audience members, or stand on the side-lines watching how people with periscopic masks try to find their way. You are both a viewer and a performer. As a choreographer of sight, Benjamin Vandewalle plays with the way we observe reality and challenges our perception. How do we observe our environment and the people within it – and do we dare and surrender ourselves to new perspectives? In Studio Cité, Vandewalle organizes an artistic funfair that offers unexpected experiences on Brussels’ squares.

Benjamin Vandewalle – who has been a Kaaitheater artist-in-residence since 2017 – describes himself as an urban choreographer. His performances Walking the line and Inter-view could already be visited during “Park Poétik” in recent years.

‘The public space is where conflicting points of view are confronted without any possibility of a final reconciliation.’ – Chantal Mouffe (Agonistics)



Saturday 31.07 and Sunday 1.08 non stop 13h - 18h : Square Moscou 

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