Nesten - KNEPH: 1.07 - 31.08

Promenade - NL/FR

Sculptural promenade in Saint-Gilles & Forest.

Youngsters connected through "Try-Out", who fell outside the regular school system or who are circulating within the social services, created nesting sculptures from their personal perceptions. The workshops alternated between artistic and philosophical work with the questions "What does "a place of my own" mean to me?", "Is there a place where I feel good?", "In nesten zitten" is a proverb, what does it mean?, "What do I think of the world?", "How would I like the world to be...?".....
Everyone created their own nest with recovery materials and raw wool.
Based on the testimonies, a rap was made in collaboration with Rian Snoeks. 
Each nest-sculpture is accompanied by a QR-code that shows a short film.
On 17-18 August, youngsters from the Ratatelier Communa Vorst and the participants from Try-Out will make a new nest-sculpture around a beech tree in the park of Vorst. This creation is part of the growing installation Platform Poetik 2.0 GRYOO with Park Poetik.